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Thread: Comedy manga recommendation

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    Comedy manga recommendation

    Hello, can anyone racommend me some of silly and comedic manga???
    im run out of it. I prefer the one with comedy as main theme. With shounen like art.
    Can anyone recommend manga simmilar to:
    • Crayon Shin-chan
    • Yotsubato!
    • Azumanga Daioh
    • Keroro Gunshou
    • Miiko desu
    • School Rumble
    • Ai Kora
    Thx before

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    Re: Comedy manga recommendation

    K-On if you like Azumanga Daioh. Yandere - Kanojo and Onidere are both similar to each other, think you might like those.

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    Re: Comedy manga recommendation

    Well the three most funny manga I am currently reading that I could think at the top of my head is Gintama, Sket dance and Beelzebub.
    I find these manga hilarious. You may have heard of them or maybe already reading them as they are rather popular
    (I think so anyway).
    Gintama is just comedy - it doesn't really have a plot to it but it full of comedy and fun. All characters
    are stupid and appears idiotic but that's what makes them so cool at the same time.
    Sket dance doesn't have much of a plot either - just the characters making a fool of themselves really.
    Beelzebub also lacks a specific plot - but is really hilarious. i love all characters in there also and whenever you read them, it completely takes all worries away since each chapter is ridiculously funny.
    By the way, both these manga have come out in anime (although finished airing, the story has not finished).
    Hope this helped x
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