I stumbled upon the manga Juukinzoku Kanojo and found it to be absolutely awesome. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who hasn't read it. I am looking for any manga similar to it and if anybody had any recommendations.
It is sad to say that the synopsis does not provide a good description of the manga...but here it is:
The Heavy Metal Music Group at the high school consists of just Amanokawa Rinko and the main character, a teenage boy madly in love with her. The club is intended for people who enjoy the music genre to discuss their passion for heavy metal. However, there?s only one kind of passion going on in this club house located in the outskirts of campus, and it is definitely rockin?.
I would especially like it if someone who has actually read it could give any recommendations . (Like I said if you haven't read it you should cause it's freaking awesome.