The manga I'm looking for starts like this.

The was a girl/princess that cast a spell and it took her to this tower there the person living in inside was cursed this way at birth and changed into a dragon. Through some dampening spell he manages to suppress the dragon. However even so he still look half disfigured and dragon like.

People are afraid of this person who lives as the tower. As time goes by the girl falls in love with the disfigured person. However she is forced to marry an arrogant prince. This arrogant prince later hears that this princess/girl has been visiting the tower and get his whole army (from his neighboring kingdom) to come kill this man/dragon. At the end of it the curse if broken and everyone finds out that the dragon/man is actually the arrogant prince's elder brother.

Please, please help me find this manga. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.