So yea, What do you guys think is the reason why the 7 year time skip happened?

For Me: I find that FAIRY TAIL WIZARDS are very overpowered. and the fact that they beat the "strongest" dark guild known , Alone!! like Guild vs. Guild (no alliance) proves it.

SO the reason why the wizards didnt get old, is for them to be challenged by the next enemies at hand, all other people in the manga have became powerful for the past 7 years and assuming natsu and the others didnt, yet , right??

OH MY GOD IM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW! now that i realized! all the other anime/manga's (like bleach, naruto, (not one piece coz one piece is still my number 1, loll) ) did their time skip to make their main characters stronger!!

And in fairy tail, its the other people than the main characters that became stronger in the time skip!!! nice one !!!
I love that twist of story, very interesting..

Okay Let yer opinions out pipol!