Tokyo?s Ishihara-led government is proposing yet more onerous censorship of manga and anime, this time on the grounds that they are sexist and violate the human rights of the groups (i.e. women and children) being depicted.

From one of the Tokyo government?s latest policy documents, outlining their plans for enforcing a ?gender equality? regime on the people of Tokyo:


However, much media information is based on sexual stereotypes and frequently depicts sexual violence towards women and children, and this is one of the prime impediments to gender equality.

According to cabinet surveys, 80% of people now think there are problems with depictions of sex and violence on TV and the Internet.

Freedom of expression should be respected, but it is also necessary to adequately respect the human rights of the people being depicted to not be the subject of unpleasant sexual or violent expression in the public media.

Tokyo recently revised its ordinance for the healthy development of youth, and also established Tokyo?s duty to allow the healthy development of young people by restrictions on their Internet environment and the eradication of child pornography.


Our policy direction:

It is necessary to demand media undertake to voluntarily censor themselves with regard to depictions of sex and violence.

Tokyo must ensure publishers and advertisers do not promote sexual discrimination.

All media must thoroughly uphold moral restrictions [on their publications].

It would appear Tokyo has finally succeeded in combining both right-wing demands for censorship on the grounds of upholding public morals and left-wing demands for censorship on feminist and ?human rights? (i.e. those of the people depicted in or exposed to the expression of others) grounds.

Online there is not much surprise ? it was long obvious to all but the most deluded apologists that Tokyo?s manga ban was the thin end of the wedge, and that Ishihara and company would simply keep tightening censorship until only rape novels and pornographic videos remain:

?You?re all done for!?

?Is there anything these people don?t want to ban??

?He can?t get it up any more so all ero is banned, eh??

?I would think most men in anime are the ones being abused.?

?Do something about him before this spreads over the rest of the country!?

?He?s senile, his policies barely make sense any more.?

?This obsession with equality ? yet in practice it always means favouring women.?

?The old farts voted him in. Do something about the people of Tokyo!?