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Thread: How much did you like the heroines of KNIM?

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    Cool How much did you like the heroines of KNIM?

    In some stories, it is a mystery who the main character will end up with. Sometimes I think a lot of readers put themselves in the protagonist's shoes and want him to pick a certain heroine.

    That said, how attached were you guys to any of the heroines in this story? Was there any girl you really liked and wanted Haruto to end up with? What would your reaction be if Haruto ended up with someone other than who you thought or wanted him to end up with?

    (If you don't want to ruin the flow of the story you can assume that we could go back to Ch 100 and rewrite the story as we wished.)

    How other series ended up in my ratings scale.
    4: Kimi ga Nozomu Eien; Ichigo 100%
    3: Suzuka; Kimagure Orange Road; ef ? a tale of memories; Muv-Luv Alt
    2.5 True Tears; Ai Yori Aoshi; Bakemonogatari
    2: Seto no Hanayome; Fruits basket
    1: Skip Beat!, TWGOK
    0: School Days, oreimo, Twilight

    I think KIMI NO IRU MACHI was a 2-2.5 for me.

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