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Thread: Desu Desu ;)

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    Re: Desu Desu ;)

    ^^;; oh golly gosh! i guess i sound as stupid on the internet as i do in real life~! oh well!!

    ^_^ but at least her question was answered! yaya~!

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    Re: Desu Desu ;)

    yeah animes tend to do that....thats why i dont recamend learning to much from the animes. unless you already have a main idea. as for desu, it means: "IS" it is sorta a polite way of things, like,"DE"ma"SU" demasu is more polite for desu. same thing as desu, just more polite. im just adding on now lol gomen. hopes that didnt confuse you >.<

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    Re: Desu Desu ;)

    Thread has been dead for 4 months. Closing.

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