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Thread: Favorite Japanese Authors?

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    Favorite Japanese Authors?

    Hey there!

    As the title states, who are your favorite Japanese authors?

    My personal favorites are Banana Yoshimoto and Tetsuko Kuroyanagi!

    Banana Y.:
    Kitchen/Moonlight Shadow

    I liked these books so much becuz the author had a different way of viewing the world. Each sentence had a blend of reality and fantasy that seemed to perfectly describe day-to-day feelings. Also, i like how she used her own expiriences into her writing, it made it feel more personal... like a very well written diary!

    Tetsuko K.:
    Totto-chan: Girl in the Window

    This book was beautifully written! it felt like the author was right there in front of you, telling of her life as a young girl! It chronicles her days as a young girl in the years just before WWII. She is sent to a very different school after being expelled from her traditional one (mind you, she was in 1st grade at the time). The classrooms are old train cars, children do their own lesson (while the teachers are there as a guide), meals are based on the principles "something from the land, something from the sea" and a whole manner of other things! it shows that the best way to learn is through expirience!

    ^_^ both very talented authors and all very good books!

    ^o^ i'd love to hear what authors you've read and how their books have changed your view! or even just how good they are!

    ^-^ thanks again!

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    Re: Favorite Japanese Authors?

    That's a good post Abu Dhabi, this is the way to write a favorite thread folks!

    A good Japanese author... I wouldn't say favorite because I don't know enough of them but a very good one is Ryu Murakami.

    If anyone knows Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho) then they can relate to Ryu Murakami.

    He writes novels about nihilism and cold, materialistic societies where people wander around without any purpose while destroying themselves and others around them.


    Almost Transparent Blue
    War Begins Beyond the Sea
    Coin Locker Babies
    Raffles Hotel
    In the Miso Soup
    Strange Days
    I am a Novelist
    Dialogue: Ryu Murakami X Joichi Ito

    The famous film Audition, directed by Takashi Miike was based on a story he wrote.

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