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Thread: favourite part of Tokyo

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    favourite part of Tokyo

    for those that have had the pleasure of going to Tokyo, my question too all you is where was the best place you liked to be when you were there????

    and for those that haven't been where would you like to go in Tokyo if you had the opportunity to go?

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    Re: favourite part of Tokyo

    Actually I don't have many good memories of Tokyo (to loud and busy for my tastes) but the most fun I had there was just walking around the busy streets, watching the people in their daily routines.

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    Re: favourite part of Tokyo

    yea i don't have gd memories as well but i went there when i was 3 yrs old and i LOVE the disneyland there.... hahahahah tokyo disneyland... i shaked hands with all those cosplayers... was scared of sylvester... and later on got kicked by some deer nearby there...

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    Re: favourite part of Tokyo

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