Ever since April, an event Called Harajuku Quebec has taken place here in the capital of Quebec at ''La Ninkasi du Faubourg''.

La Ninkasi du Faubourg bières et culture

la ninkasi du faubourg - Google Maps

This event consists of an evening of music (Jpop, industrial,electro, etc), people who dress up in the genre that could be seen in the area of Harajuku in Tokyo Japan (Harajuku - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), people who just come in because they are curious, a dance floor, plenty of types of beer (seeing as it's taking place in a bar) and finally a place for people interested in various aspects of Japan (culture, music, fashion) can meet up and discuss.

Some various pics:


Rave.ca - Event Photos - Harajuku Quebec

Rave.ca - Event Photos - Harajuku Quebec: Samourai

Rave.ca - Event Photos - Harajuku Qc : Ninja

Rave.ca - Event Photos - Harajuku Qc : Halloween

soldat_of_life/Harajuku - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting (a few I took)

Notice that not only styles from Harajuku appear though, some being cosplay and some just dressed strangely or very colourfully.

The Japanese phenomenon here in Quebec city hasn't really picked up much, though I'm certain that Montreal is quite ahead of us (they even have a nice big convention called Otakuthon, though we might eventually have one...in a few years). I'd be curious if all of you around the world could offer experiences of events that touch Japan and the Harajuku trend in any manner may it be fashion, dance, circles of discussion, anything.