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Thread: Have PVC Figures?

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    Have PVC Figures?

    Do yo have PVC figures? Or even collecting it? Of course I mean PVC figures from Japanese company like Kotobukiya, Goodsmile Company, Yamato, etc...

    I started become interested to it around a year ago.
    Shunya Yamashita, Queensblade, Shining Wind and nendoroid series are my favorite

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    Re: Have PVC Figures?

    I too got interested in them about a year ago, when I had some $ left over at Jfax, so I bought an Eimi Oba figure. My collection grew quite quickly until the rising prices, due to oil prices, and my cars thirst for tires put the stop to any additions as of late. Here's a shot of the smaller stuff in my collection. This is kinda out-dated as I've added some more since this was taken. I've more, but they don't fit on the shelf.

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    Re: Have PVC Figures?

    I'm not an avid collector as I think I could spend my money on other things (like gas ) but I do own two PVC figures that I keep displayed in my bedroom.

    The first one is of Ryogi Shiki from the series Kara no Kyoukai pictured here:

    The second one was actually one I didn't mean to buy but I got recently as a free preorder bonus for the Playstation 2 game Mana Khemia, it's the character Jess pictured here:

    Don't hate me cause my "collection" is way smaller than the normal figure collector.
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    Re: Have PVC Figures?

    I have a smattering of figures, mostly boxed and kept in the closet. The ones I keep on display are two of Alter's limited edition run Tohsaka Rin figures, one in schoolgirl uniform + red coat and the other as Kaleido Ruby. I can't find pictures of them online so I'll try to take a picture later.

    On my dresser I have 3/6 of the Robot art book figures they made, Henrietta from Gunslinger Girl and one of the mini sets for Ichigo Mashimaro.

    There's a bunch of stuff in the closet, but I'll look through that another time.

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    Re: Have PVC Figures?

    ^_^ i have one! and only one!


    she's Akazukin (aka Little Red Riding Hood) from the anime Fairy Musketeers Akazukin (Otoogi Juushi Akazukin)!!

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