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Thread: Internet cafes

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    Internet cafes

    So I'm usually complaining about Japan... but every so often there's something so awesomely incredibily super-nifty cool that I am reminded of my orgasmic love for this country.

    Today, I have discovered the local internet cafe that is to become my new second home.

    I work an hour's ferry ride from the town where I live. The last ferry back is at 9:30pm and a round trip ticket costs about $20. I need to wake up at 6am to get to work on time...

    It sucks... a lot. BUT tonight I've found the WiP!

    A rundown:

    5 hours - $11.00
    30 minutes after - $2 ea

    One free drink
    Shower (bring your own towel)
    Bathrooms (clean, western style ones!)
    Comfy reclining chair or couch
    brand new computer
    internet access
    a PS2
    20-30 new to DVD movies viewable e on demand
    about 200 PS2 games
    8 huge shelves of comics
    all current magazines
    a reading light
    freeplay and full support downloaded for Ragnarok Online, RO2, Lineage II, Emil Chronicle, Redstone, Mu Online, Trickster, Tantra, ROSE online, Asgard, Maple Story, Pangya, Tales Weaver, Arado Senki, Yogurting, and Monster Hunter Online
    English tutorial programs
    about 2000 waste-time minigames
    huge headphones
    a split jack so you can watch movies or play games with your friends hearing the same audio

    This place is a life-saver! And it's cheaper than going home!

    I love you Japan

    (and no, this isn't my first Japanese net cafe... but it is the first I've really had a reason to explore fully and potentially use often)

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    Re: Internet cafes

    lucky! >< are you given full privacy in this little peace of heaven?
    you just need a karaoke machine and you're set :P

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    Re: Internet cafes

    ^_^ sounds like home if ever there was one~!

    gotta admitt, when someone does something right... it's a good thing~!

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    Re: Internet cafes

    Wow...I may just "live" there. *sigh* Wish there was a place like that here in the US.
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    Re: Internet cafes

    Wow. It sounds really different from the ideas I had of internet cafes. Would you be able to take a picture or two to share with the community?
    Anyway, I usually think of a coffee shop with computers and stylish chairs and tables. Maybe some people with berets and artsy looking people standing around talking about how superior they are to most people. Possibly a novelist smoking a long 120 while thinking about the perfect death for her main character.

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