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Thread: Japanese Course Incentives

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    Exclamation Japanese Course Incentives

    Japanese isn't easy... and I realize that a correspondence course makes it incredibly easy to slack off or lose your enthusiasm for the subject.

    As a motivating factor to up both enrollment and encourage people to stick with the assignments and tests, I'm introducing an incentive system to the course.


    + CREDITS +

    Each ENROLLED student will have a credit tally to be delivered -on completion- of the course.

    Credits will be awarded as follows

    -enrollment bonus: 50 credits

    -public homework bonus (for assignments that are posted in the forum or gallery): 10-30 credits each

    -exam bonus: 1 credit per point scored (out of 100)

    -exam perfect bonus: 100 extra credits

    -completion bonus: 100 credits

    If you do not complete the course, your credits will not be delivered.


    -Student A-

    enrolled - 50 credits
    20 public homework assignments - 400 credits
    hiragana exam - 82 credits
    katakana exam - 90 credits
    combined exam #1 - 87 credits
    combined exam #2 - 90 credits
    kanji exam #1 - 100 credits
    +exam perfect bonus - 100 credits
    kanji exam #2 - 72 credits
    final exam - 81 credits

    (total credits delivered at the end of the course: 1152)



    Every student who completes the course will have the option of requesting a letter of recommendation through the mail.

    Please keep in mind that I am NOT a certified Japanese teacher, nor have I ever taught you in person: a letter of recommendation from me isn't going to count for beans on a university application or relevant job application. It MIGHT, however, get your high school Japanese teacher to bump you up to the next course and will give you something traceable (on paper) to back up anything you write on applications regarding having finished a basic Japanese course. It would probably also work alright for a study abroad application (especially if no one in your immediate area offers Japanese).


    + JLPT LEVEL 4 +

    Those wishing to take the Nihongo Nouryoku Shiken (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) level 4 will be able to receive free study materials, access to tutors and guidance in finding a test center and completing the application process.

    This test is HIGHLY recommended as it will certify, beyond a doubt, to any University, exchange program, or employer that you have learned enough Japanese to function in very basic situations.

    In theory, you should be ready to take this test soon after completion of the basic course.
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