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Thread: Japanese Language Question

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    Japanese Language Question

    Hello everyone! I have a stupid question but I can’t figure out the answer to it.

    Now, I know that the sentence format in Japanese is Subject-Object-Verb. The problem I’ve been running into is how to phrase compound sentences.

    Example sentence: I got into my car and went to the store.

    How exactly would you phrase that question??

    Would it be something like > I my car got into and the store went to

    Or something along those lines???

    I hope I’m making sense to you guys


    Oh, and to make this thread into more of a thread. If anyone has a question about the Japanese language and/or grammar then put it here. So then it will hopefully be answered.

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    Re: Japanese Language Question

    Japanese compound sentences work pretty much like English compound sentences, only the equivalent of "and" is generally attatched to (or after) the verb, rather than the object.

    So it would be SUB OBJ VERB AND OBJ VERB

    Since the subject is already clear from the first statement.

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