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Thread: Japanese Ramen?

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    Japanese Ramen?

    I was just informed that ramen in japan is not only spicy, but tehre are sweet ones, and miso ones. Thats new to me cuz liek i've only eaten the spicy ones and i can't imagine ramen sweet. Mr. Noodles is a perfect example cuz like its ramen but all diffrent kinds of flavors... a sweet broth and noodles really just doesn't get my mouth watering.

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    Re: Japanese Ramen?

    I don't personally like the spicy kind. I only eat the sweet. Of course I have a sweet tooth and I can't stand spicy food so thats kinda' obvios I guess.

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    Re: Japanese Ramen?

    I love ramen iv had the spicy kind before and it was ok im not the kinda person who likes spicy foods, but i never had a sweet one before at east i dont think i have.
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    Re: Japanese Ramen?

    OMG! I love ramen!! My favorite food ever, LOL. Especially Japanese ramen. Mmm, mmm!!! Delicious! I like all of it! I'm not generally picky, when it comes down to ramen. Spicy, sweet, just put it in a bowl and give it to me. I like home made ramen over store bought ramen any day though.

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    Re: Japanese Ramen?

    There are soooo~ many kinds of ramen out there...there's so many types of the soup, the noodle, and the condiments, etc. that can go in it. Theres more to ramen than just cup noodles and instant ramen y'know. XP

    The most basic types of soups are:

    Tonkotsu -gets the flavor from pork bones.
    Torigara- flavor from chicken bones.
    Shouyu-soy sauce
    Miso-....miso, duh.

    I'm not too famaliar with the types or how the noodles are made.

    As for condiments,etc. here's some common ones:

    Chaashu-thin pork slices.
    Naruto/Kamaboko-I think that its a type of kamaboko, grinded fish meat compressed(?, I dunno)
    Eggs-....regular boiled eggs.

    I guess thats it for my common info on ramen. I've heard of things such as "choco-milk" ramen exists too...o_O!! Milk for soup and chocolate and candy for topping!!? thanx.

    My personal fav is "Curry-Ramen".Mmmmm...=P

    Uses curry sauce as soup. Some places thin it down with their soup or some just ONLY use the curry instead of soup, either ways its great.
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    Re: Japanese Ramen?

    I don't know about japan, but I do know that I looove ramen noodles in the cup that they sell here in america. Chicken flavored ramen owns.

    I'd love to go to japan and eat noodles from over there. That'd be special.

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    Re: Japanese Ramen?

    Huh. Ramen would be a lot better if it wasn't so expensive. With 1,000 yen converted into Malaysian ringgit I could buy 20 bowls of noodles. 15, if I ask for bigger bowls and more soup.

    That said, my favorite ramen is gomoku ramen. Because once you've had it you won't want any other type.

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    Re: Japanese Ramen?

    I love ramen and the best place to have it is Japan. Everywhere its really just instant noodles

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