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Thread: Japanese Sex Sheets?

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    Re: Japanese Sex Sheets?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pyoro-Pyoro View Post
    haha, man, do you purposely go out to look for these things?? I don't even know these things exist, though I know about the pillow ones though.
    I think he does. I have never heard of this. I think the japanese go overboard sometimes. I mean honestly.. "sex sheets"?
    And Pyoro - what is this pillow talk of which you speak?

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    Re: Japanese Sex Sheets?

    Took me a while to find what I was talking about but here ya go:

    GameSpy: DoA Ultimate LE Xbox Hardware

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    Re: Japanese Sex Sheets?

    Are those pillows really for sex? 'cos they are well detailed and I would like to buy them but for colletion use, not more than that.

    hummm I got a question about the sheets: how the person has sex with the sheet if the sheet is not hugging it does not move... it does not make the person feel anythig really.... how does that work? I am just curious....
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    Re: Japanese Sex Sheets?

    Remember when I told you they can make anything from real looking plastic food to sex dolls, I knew they could make this as well, and I can't [more like I don't want to] explain how they work.

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    Re: Japanese Sex Sheets?

    (=_=); ...ummm, wow. I've never heard of the sheets til now...I wasnt really expecting something like THAT. But then again, they've done a lot of other, how should I say, "unique" items so I'm not too surprised.

    But are they "intentionally" made Its really just a design, how people interput it and put it to use is up to them.

    As for the pillow that Pyoro posted on, thats kind of common. They're called "Daki-makura" basically meaning huggable or holdable pillows. Yes, some are made with designs and pics for the pervs but there are normal ones too. Just to decorate your room, not to...y'know. (=_=);
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    Re: Japanese Sex Sheets?

    ANYTHING!! You can get anything in good ol' Japan!

    I hear that there are vending machines in or around Tokyo where you can buy a teenage girl's panties! I've heard of the pillows, but never SHEETS! That's just kinda... Hmm. How should I put this... ODD!!

    But, at the same time, Japan has always--for the most part--been pretty open and comfortable about it's society's sexuality. More so than Europe, I'd like to think so.

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    Re: Japanese Sex Sheets?

    Quote Originally Posted by Shodokan View Post
    I just found out something interesting. They have sheets you have sex with in Japan. Heres a picture I found. The tissues are a clue if you think it's just a regular cartoon styled bed sheet.

    Yeah I am kinda finding it hard to believe that those sheets are necesarrily for that purpose. I mean...where is the hole? You wanna mess up your bed for that? That is a lot of dry humping if you take that serious. You ever hear of rug burn? Those things better be made of lubricated silk!

    I really hope those sheets belong to a friend and that that pic actually has some facts behind it(Crossing fingers) It shouldn't be hard to think that if they have anime series sheets, they would also include hentai as well. Why is something like that so damn strange? I mean the Japanese arn't aliens here.

    They supply products for entertainment purposes via the consumer. Of course I am kinda shocked that they have this, but that is because America doesn't do it. There are a lot of things that don't allow us to fulfill the needs of customers, while Japan gets to. If anything, I am extrmely jealous that we can't get ahold of those items ourselves.

    Side note kinda - Oh yeah, what about those guys who are always on bottom? Do they have bunk beds to match or something? Let us hear more about these "Sex Sheets"

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    wow thats some serious shit right there. I swear they come up with the most awesome stuff in japan. I mean damn. ever see those cool skirts? they're awesome XD and that pillow they made for lonely women who just want a man to snuggle with.

    Japan is THE greatest country, EVER

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