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Thread: Japan's best places for sightseeing.

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    Re: Japan's best places for sightseeing.

    Highway busses in Japan travel the same routes as the rest of the traffic at the same speed and generally don't make stops in the cases of destinations over an hour away. We're not talking the city-bus here ^^;

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    Re: Japan's best places for sightseeing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hassun View Post
    Regardless if it stops or not, you'll probably get there faster by car.
    Be mindful of the fact that you have to be in the possession of a a Japanese or an International Driver's License and at least 18 years old to drive in Japan.
    And renting a car is can be limited to people over 21 or even 25.
    OK well i'll keep that in mind, thanks for letting me know.

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    Cool Re: Japan's best places for sightseeing.

    I don't know if this would help you but it will help someone else who plans on going to Japan. The driving laws there SUCK!!! If you hit and kill a student that is in school to become a doctor you OWE that family what he would've been worth if he was a doctor. And if you drive in Japan you will know that people there don't care about cars...they will walk in front of you with no problem. They understand that they have the right-a-way which is stupid because if I see a car coming at me at 40mph my mind would tell me to stop and let the car go but not in Japan....they will keep going and just don't care. They will be on their bikes and typing on their cell phones while you hit me...they do that!!!! Well, I'm just giving you and anyone else a heads up if you decide to drive in Tokyo, Japan.

    As for the sight seeing...there is the Big Buddah in Kamukura (you would take the trains there because it would be one hell of a long drive) and there are a bunch of old shrines there.

    For the night life you could party it up in Ropponggi...that place NEVER sleeps! IT'S AWESOME!! I party from 1130pm till 8am. They don't stop serving you drinks ever!

    OH..there is the Landmark Tower in Yokohama and there is China town only a several blocks from the tower. It's pretty cool there.

    Then there is Tokyo Tower in the middle of Tokyo. It's okay but nothing really big.

    A really good time to go is in March really...that with the Cherry blossom bloom. Now that's a sight. I'm not one for looking at trees and caring but's pretty nice and it makes you feel peaceful will life because there is a small breeze that will make the pedals fall and make it look like it's snowing pink. You could see the Cherry blossoms pretty much everywhere but a good place would be Showa park in Tachikawa.

    If you are big in electronic and/or love anime there is Akiharbara. That is the one place that you will see the most Anime EVER...if you are looking for something rare you will find it there. If you are looking for the lastest Digital camera they have it there...they have everything you will ever need for electronic.

    I hope I helped you and other people in someway....Have fun!!!

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    Re: Japan's best places for sightseeing.

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