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Thread: Look at the crazy Japanese! Raw horse flesh ice cream!

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    Look at the crazy Japanese! Raw horse flesh ice cream!

    The heat's on and the Japanese can cool off with horse-flesh ice-cream

    From Leo Lewis in Tokyo

    AS TOKYO swelters through record high temperatures, Japanese are being advised to cool down with a nice tub of raw horse-flesh ice-cream.

    For those averse to red meat, there is always prawn or clam ice-cream. Vegetarians can try soybean and kelp ice-cream, or perhaps a cornet of strawberry and spinach.

    Recent years of cool summers have been hard on ice-cream makers. But as temperatures reached 39.5C (103F) in central Tokyo on Tuesday, the Japan Ice-Cream Association, backed by the Home Affairs Ministry, counter-attacked. It has set up a giant summer-long trade fair in central Tokyo called Ice-Cream City, where confectioners from aim to persuade Japanese that there is more to their output than classics such as raspberry ripple.

    The campaign has been bolstered by a report from the ministry showing that while Japanese spent more than £1.5 billion on ice-cream and sorbets last year, they ranked only nineteenth in the world in individual consumption.

    In its mission to generate as wide an appeal as possible, Ice-Cream City is not restricting its target market to those with a sweet tooth. Basashi vanilla, for example, draws on a Fukushima region speciality and includes chunks of horse-flesh sushi. Yagi no aisu is ice-cream made with goat’s milk and goat meat, and gyu tan is cow-tongue sorbet. In the adjoining freezer, customers are offered ice-cream flavoured with real octopus, abalone, oysters, shrimp, crab and whale. The most expensive, selling for about £5 for a small tub, are shark’s fin and sea- urchin roe ice-cream.

    On the vegetable front there are garlic, potato and lettuce, cactus and seaweed ice-creams. The more adventurous may enjoy the appeal of horseradish flavour, or even goya — a notoriously bitter type of cucumber found in the southern Japanese islands.

    “The first hurdle is that people associate ice-cream with dessert. That’s actually a 20th-century thing. Before then, people had been making savoury ices for centuries in England, from parsley to cucumber to parmesan to spinach.

    “Five or six years ago we put a crab ice-cream on the menu and you could see the barriers come up because they expected it to taste sweet. But if you fed them the same thing and called it a frozen crab bisque, they had no problem.”

    The heat's on and the Japanese can cool off with horse-flesh ice-cream - World - Times Online

    I have nothing against the Japanese, but damn!
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    Re: Look at the crazy Japanese! Raw horse flesh ice cream!

    There's nothing in this thread that's your own... nor is there anything to discuss by virtue of it.

    Just copy-pasting another link isn't enough... it's also going to count against you as plagiarism in the future (unless you provide proper quotation and citation)

    And yes, it exists. it's a curiosity/omiyage item... it's not something people eat regularly (or that most people have even ever tasted).

    Might as well make a thread about Americans and fursuits. Yeah, some Americans run dressed like giant anthropormorphic skunks... but it would be profoundly retarded to insinuate that because some furries have a convention in San Diego once a year, mainstream American culture has a special spot reserved for dressing up in mascot costumes.


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    Re: Look at the crazy Japanese! Raw horse flesh ice cream!

    Adding the Quote tags... Copying and pasting just for credits isnt fair for the rest of the members...

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