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Thread: Ninja or Samurai

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    Ninja or Samurai

    Personally I love Samurai. Their way of life and philosophy is truly one to live by. My favorite aspect of the Samurai is their weaponry, of course I mean the katana swords. I have one myself but it's not real, I bought it for ten bucks from a Haitian guy selling them at a swap meet in Florida. Anyways, discuss which group you like and respect more.

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    Re: Ninja or Samurai

    I would say ninja. The reason why I say that is they were sort a a working mans samurai. They trained from the time they were little to be consumate warriors. They were the fierciest of the fierce and a precursor to modern day special forces. Samurias while enjoyijng a nice hollywood image were often cruel to peasant class. And remember samurais served a master and they wre no more virtuos than the ones they worked for. Ninjas were not a fuedal birth right but something a man or woman could work for.

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    Re: Ninja or Samurai

    I would say ninja too, because they are more sneaky and unseen. Where as Samurai's its hard to miss them with all that armor on. Plus samurai's are more like a honorary figure and ninja's tend to do whatever it take to complete the mission.

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    Re: Ninja or Samurai

    [sarcasm]I really hate to do this, cause I obviously don't want to annoy you anarchy [/sarcasm] but 'This' or 'That' threads fall under our favorite thread policy, and as such, are not allowed to be started by members who have not reached Community status.

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