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Thread: Tokyo No-Nos

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    Re: Tokyo No-Nos

    Quote Originally Posted by shikashu
    Here are some tips if your traveling to Japan(Originally from Anime Insider)

    Abuse Your Cell Phone
    Completly ignore any keitai (phone) etiquette you may have picked up in the States--especially on the train, which the Japanese treat almost like a shrine--and just blah away.

    Show Off Your Tattoos
    Nothing screams Yakuza--the Japanese mafia--like bared tattos. And as you know from all the samurai flicks you've seen, everyone loves the Yakuza! So the first time you go to an onsen (hot spring bath), show those babies off.

    That its all the tips from Anime Insider(issue #34). Good Luck
    In Tokyo, phone etiquette is almost non-existent.
    Many Japanese have tattoos nowadays. Younger people are starting to break the Yakuza connotations. There are of course some typical Yukaza tattoos generally, tattoos are a lot more accepted these days.

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    Re: Tokyo No-Nos

    talk about takin the fun out of a thread...

    thanks to zyta for the sick sig and avy!

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    Re: Tokyo No-Nos

    hmmm...I see(still learning about japanese cultural)

    Arigatou Hassun-san, thanks for the info.

    Arigatou Nao chan for the sig^_^
    warning, dangerous diclonious on the lose!

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