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Thread: Unforgetable date... August 6, 1945 8:15am Japan time

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    Unforgetable date... August 6, 1945 8:15am Japan time

    I was watching a youtube video: americans are not stupid... (it is part of a joke some entity did) but anyways, on that video they interviewed some Americans about basic world history and one of the questions was: Why is it that in history Hiroshima and Nagasaki are so important? and the guy said: "zumo fighting?" and to be honest I laughed (really hard) but then I begun to think... this is so sad that people is forgetting of what happened 53 years ago... think about this just 53 years ago... Japan lived its worst nightmare... TWICE!!! In Hiroshima and then four days later in Nagasaki... Two A-bombs were dropped on Japan on those two cities... and those two cities became graveyards of thousands and thousands of people. Many many people lost family, friends, sons and daughters, grandfathers and grandmothers; and this is not even a 100yrs ago... and we are forgetting about it... yes it was during the war and everything... but the scariest thing happened.... we found an effective way to banish other human beings... these two events should be warning us about what humans are capable of to get its own interests...
    are we learning from the past or are we letting it go and forget about it?
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    Re: Unforgetable date... August 6, 1945 8:15am Japan time

    Strange, I'm reading about that right now.
    Last year I read Hiroshima by John Hershey. That kind of freaked me out, but the reality is that in retaliation for the deaths of thousands, we killed millions. Which I say is F***KED!

    But that's war. WW2 was to me the most devastating war out there. 9 million killed in concentration camps, and then the Japanese internment camps, Pearl Harbor, The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, not to mention the damage the labeled 'hibakusha' had to face, Britian's air raids..and so on.

    Do I think we should publisize the bombings more? Yes, but we can't do anything now. However, after words, the US people were uneasy about the deaths and radiation treatments. But guilt doesn't matter. It doesn't change the US killed millions.

    And obviously, Truman didn't feel bad because he was threatening Stalin next and felt he had enough weapons to wipe off the Red Army.

    And even J. Robert Oppenheimer, director of the atom bomb design team told Truman that most scientists in the Manhattan Project would not continue.
    "I feel we have blood on our hands", he told Truman, and Truman snapped back, "It'll all come out in the wash."

    Immediately after we threatened Stalin and the Reds. Especially since the US arsenal in 1947 was more than a dozen A bombs.
    Are we learning from the past? I hope so. At least now we hopefully won't give another ruthless attack such as the Japanese bombings, because now we have the nuclear weapons to take out all of humanity, and as do other countries.

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    Re: Unforgetable date... August 6, 1945 8:15am Japan time

    If I remember history class right, Truman warned them first to stop and they didn't. I'm sure it wasn't an easy choice to make.

    And am sure that man was either joking or dropped out of high school. Because almost everyone should know alittle bit about the subject.

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    Re: Unforgetable date... August 6, 1945 8:15am Japan time

    It’s true, they were warned, several times I might add. But they simply laughed and told them that the Japanese people would rather die in combat then surrender and this was the case as the Japanese people, including women and children were being taught how to fight if and when Japan was going to be invaded. Not to mention Japan was also starting their own nuclear program as well and I doubt they would be feeling remorseful if that was used on the US as there are many people (Those who were from that time period) have no regrets for the Japanese massacre of the chine’s people. An example of their brutality is that of Japanese soldiers grabbing Chine’s infants and tossing them in the air and then try and stab them with their bayonets. I guarantee you that most Japanese people do not know about that. Case in point is when we had a Japanese exchange student come and stay with us for a few months. She stumbled across my history book and decided to give it a look over and came across the WWII section and found the article about Japanese brutality on the Chine’s people. She was home before us as she got out earlier then I did and when I got home I see her crying, needles to say I was rather worried as she and I bonded very fast and thought of her as a big sister. In the end she gave me a hug and said "We deserved the bombing." Of cores I didn't realize what she was talking about till I saw the article of the book she was reading. She later told us that she had no idea this went on as no one talked about the subject of the Japanese occupation forces and what they did in her school.

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    Re: Unforgetable date... August 6, 1945 8:15am Japan time

    Quote Originally Posted by EmoNightmareRose View Post
    but the reality is that in retaliation for the deaths of thousands, we killed millions. Which I say is F***KED!
    What? Did intend to writ that the other way around?

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    Re: Unforgetable date... August 6, 1945 8:15am Japan time

    They were not dropped on the cities they were time fired to make them more effective. They were not dropped on but rather detonated above those cities. It was three days later that nagasaki experienced the horror of An atomic blast. Not 4. Hiroshima on august 6ths and nagasaki on august 9th. Yes many children were killed but at that point in Japan school attanedance was minimal and most children wre labor for munitions factories. In other words they were indirectly supporting the war effort. Lebasiara you are correct nobody remembers anything.

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