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Thread: Who's fluent in Japanese or IS Japanese or part?

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    Hmm okay, so if I didn't follow the stroke order, then my Kanji character would look really detestable. I really can't stand it when my writing's messy in any form of language, so I tend to take a bit more notice when it comes to the stroke order. However, when you're forced to memorize 10+ stroke orders, you really can't blame a foreigner for getting it wrong. >_<"

    I guess I've gotten used to the basics of which strokes would normally come before which, but there are times when I know I've got it wrong, but simply can't be bothered to go back and check the textbook. Ack, I know I'm lazy! *cringes*

    Anyhow, back on topic. After poking around and asking my parents and relatives, I apparently do have a Japanese relative. She's something like my mum's auntie's sister... but we're still related! That makes me part Japanese lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by *~Cookies&Cream~* View Post
    Hello everyone again.Its Hiroshi-san and Im just making this thread to see who else here in this academy is fluent in japanese and is at least part,half,or full on japanese you know of blood and all Let me hear your stories of the times you were living in Japan or if you are already living in Japan at the moment tell me whats it like there and what places you visited that you enjoyed that were so beautiful you couldnt forget anything about it you just HAD to tell your friends.Or you can tell me why you would like to go to Japan and live there or whatnot.^_^
    I am a asian girl and very proud. -^_^-
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    It doesn't make sense to write the horizontal/vertical stroke before the diagonal one, though. (okay, I don't know what they're called - I know the horizontal one is called a heng in Mandarin, but in Japanese... uhhh ^^; LoL. I think once you get older and more efficient you can't possibly make any more mistakes. It's like making a dot before drawing the "i". Feels strange.

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