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Thread: Are you more obsessed w/ Japanese culture than your own?

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    me not japanese..but because of anime, i got so interested with japanese now trying to learn some japanese words..hihi its not really bad trying to learn asian fact, for me, its just socializing with others..besides, animes are really cool..japanese have good talent about animes and other stuff..hihi ..

    By the way, that was just my opinion ..i like japanese people..they rock !!
    and i love japanese girls wearing cute skirts..thjey're really pretty ..hhi
    my dream before was to go to japan and to have some shopping at malls in Tokyo ..that was one of my dreams...haha !! gud day to all !!

    Quote Originally Posted by Shizuka View Post
    Um, for me its kinda weird because although I am Japanese and etc I was born and raised in a different country all my life. And yet I am obsessed with Asian culture over all, and neither do I feel like I am officially Japanese mostly because I've been raised in foreign countries all this time.

    Actually I think its the other way around at least in Japan. >____>; Japanese men and Asian men overall tend to be really sexist and think that women are inferior...

    Though in Korea I hear its a different story XD they tell me Korean women and girls are scary and hit the boys back XD...

    ur right about that..korean girls/women hit pervert boys back..but i like that attitude..they're proving people that girls are strong..and perverts must not look down on girls !! hihi (its just my opinion)
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    Re: Are you more obsessed w/ Japanese culture than your own?

    XD yeah this kid in my Latin class who's Korean was talking about this. "Korean chicks don't take any crap. My mom is a beast, for example" XD he's a funny one.

    But yeah, i don't think i'm obsessed, it just feels nice to be open to other cultures instead of being boxed up in your own all the time. Japan doesn't have a great past, i know that. But neither does America, or any other country for that matter (except for Switzerland. like seriously, what do they ever do?). but anyway, i know it shouldn't matter and next time my sister says that i'm totally gonna do the one thing she hates: call her ignorant >=D mwahahhhahahahhaaah

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    Re: Are you more obsessed w/ Japanese culture than your own?

    I'm half Japanese, and I do get that a lot.
    But I go thorugh phases. Sometimes I love Victorian culture, sometimes Indian, other times Japanese. In a sense I am obessed with culture itself, not a certain country's.

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    Re: Are you more obsessed w/ Japanese culture than your own?

    OK to be true to myself I was obsessed in many different cultures cause Im crazy alot with different history and legends.
    But honestly I love most the Norse mythology! I love the gods and the conflicts about the Legend!

    Anyways I was more obsessed alot in different cultures than my own culture..
    Just like what ajanae my older brother was bothered what I sang cause He didn't understand why i liked the song much!

    For me i like any Legend! and history..
    Im a bookworm I always read books about different histories of different countries..^_^
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    Re: Are you more obsessed w/ Japanese culture than your own?

    Not sure how being a Korean girl beating up perverts makes Koreans special.
    They just boast about it.

    You can find the same attitude in women in many parts of the world.
    Japanese women though... are rather timid. Guess years of tradition sink into their blood pretty well.

    I used to be extremely obsessed over Japanese culture.
    I studied as much as I could about them - and now? ...well, I can't really say I find my culture more appealing, because to this day I still don't see what all the hype is about my culture. And trust me, I've lived a lotta' my life within my family and race culture. Even after studying it, I'm still unsure what makes pinoys so proud of themselves.

    I'm more universal now, just a hint of preferance for Japanese culture.
    I like other cultures and respect other cultures around the world, but my rather hermit-esque and quiet attitude is best respected around Japanese cultured areas (areas with large populations of Japanese).

    ... I do defend American-"culture" quite strongly though. It's just popular culture to despise it so much. Yet no patriot is clearly defining what's so great about it (most patriotic people say the most... well... stupid things), so I have to put it into casual-basics for US-haters.

    I often find it rather annoying when someone hates where they come from, though. When they pretend they'd be better off if they were born somewhere else.
    I'm talkin' about you, heavy-otakus.

    These days, I haven't really watched any animes due to the lack of time I have for them - and I've been preferring a lot of Western games than Eastern lately - I'm also rather uninterested in their youth's fads.... I also haven't listened to any new J-music as of late.
    So I'm not into Japanese-popculture.

    I'm just interested in their history and old traditions.
    ... I prefer to be around the older Japanese folk than the youngin's.

    Thing is though: I can never say that I'm interested in Japanese culture out loud. Because the instant I do, annoying otakus appear out of the bushes claiming they know so much about "their beloved country"........ bs, go away.

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    Re: Are you more obsessed w/ Japanese culture than your own?

    LOL Switzerland is known to be neutral and lots of ridicously rich people have bank accounts there xD

    Well for me its kinda hard to be boxed up in one culture, since for one my family is of mixed heritage and second I've lived in 3 different countries and always been moving around so its all good

    I don't think we ever said Koreans were special...and I meant as general and not that only Korean girls were this defiant.

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    Re: Are you more obsessed w/ Japanese culture than your own?

    Well, to be quite honest, yes. I'm more interested in Japanese culture than my own Filipino culture.

    Well, mythological-wise, I can't really find a single defining factor of our legends and myths that can be worthwhile reading. You're welcome to correct me on this, as I really need it.

    But history-wise, I have as much admiration for our Filipino heroes as for the heroes of Japan.
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    Re: Are you more obsessed w/ Japanese culture than your own?

    well uhmmmmmmmm... not really lol maybe its becuase i dont really know anything about the Japanese culture or frankly im just not all that into it. im more interested in their art and technology more than any thing else.
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