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Thread: 3 lives...

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    3 lives...

    Three lives I lead...

    Number One...

    I am Justin Michael McCormick,
    for whom has been blessed with a kind heart.
    I have a loving family,
    and a few friends who care about me...
    I am loved, and adored by many,
    and my life is turning around,
    since I work two jobs now.

    Number Two...

    I am K' Heart,
    The poet of AO.
    I give of my heart daily,
    and in my heart is the one I love.
    Never cared about before,
    my Heart soars daily,
    and higher it goes each day....

    Number Three...

    I am SHADE....
    Still clinging on to the good,
    I am the pain deep inside of these two...
    I have been the years of torment,
    that have kept K' Heart and Justin down.
    I am all the wrong in the life of this man.
    I am the reason that he cannot be great...
    But I feel weaker each day...
    Cursed love......

    Maybe one day, I can be free to just be... K' Heart,
    or Justin. Which ever is prefered.

    By: Justin McCormick "The pain lingers... but I have a reason to forget."

    Far be it for me to be anything special, when the only special thing I desire with me, is the special person I share my gifts with.

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    wow, split personality, and you have three, Its good how you tell each life, different than each other, i hope you'll choose the right one.


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