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Thread: 7 Stars of Wonder

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    Post 7 Stars of Wonder

    Okay, this maybe weird but I was seriously bored and high when I made this. But when my girlfriend was talking to me about Horoscopes and Zodiacs one day, I argued to her that the people who came up with that crap were high and just made stuff up so that when the people who read them make them feel special in a way. So one day I was high (Not Really…) and made my own wannabe Horo-Zodi crap thingy and came up with this Stars of Wonder junk and when I finished, I let my girlfriend look at it and she thought it was cool, because it was another way for a person who reads this seem special in a way. So here we go, you’ll figure how it works when you read them but all you have to do is pick the Star that represents you most and tell why. The rest of the stuff will flow ya know…

    Also go ahead and Poll what you are so we can see, or so that I can see what Star is people most likely to be as well as posting your reason why.

    Anyways here we go!


    [Star of Power]- You advance and excel at physical strength. There is nothing you can't move aside or hold you back, because you are too strong. You are unmatched and will live life at it's fullest with nothing standing in your way. You have big Dreams as well as Courage and have no Fears at all that would ruin it all for you. There is no other Star that has your will power, but you find yourself to despise those who are the [Star of Defense].

    [Star of Wisdom]- You are wise and intelligent. You think ahead of time and seconds before hand. Nothing surprises you, you find life rather dazzling but nothing to expect from it since you already know how to live. You know when or how to die. You are so smart that you need no strength or defense against the tides of your fate. Your mind alone is just as strong to hold off or take care of any challenges that come your way. You are never frustrated nor complicated. You have great Organization as well as Knowledge and have no need for Motivation. There is no one smarter than you, but for some reason you despise those who are a [Star of Faith].

    [Star of Speed]- You are swift and fast on your feet, but a bit reckless and careless. With your high energy and spirit to keep on going with nothing to slow you down, you are always ready get what's coming to you. You care for nothing else but yourself to fill your needs, and very strangely you get what you want at your pace. You don't care what others think of you, you just want to have fun and excitement in your life, even if it means that you’re going to die. You try to make the best of what comes to you. You have dynamic Desires as well as Will and need no Support. There is no other Star to move as fast as you want everything to come and get everything you get. There are some who get things they don't deserve at times when they never work for it, and so you find yourself to despise those who is a [Star of Luck].

    [Star of Defense]- You are careful and protective. You feel as person to always give a helping hand as well as willingly to give yourself up to do someone’s bidding. You are very protective for the ones you love, you do anything to keep them out of harms way. You are somewhat smart always make sure that you set yourself up for any dangers, and always take extra precaution when you do things so that nothing goes wrong. Doing everything at a slow pace, you take your time to make preparation. You’re easy going and calm, and you never really let anything get to you as easily. You have a superb Heart as well as Honor and no Hate for anyone. You wish that every Star had your heart and wish that everyone would think things through without pushing themselves. Some things in life are worth sacrificing for a good cause, but some don't think that when you can easily attain it now without obstacles, and so you find yourself to despise the [Star of Speed].

    [Star if Luck]- You’re grateful and impervious to misfortune. Everything you touch is like a dream come true. You are like money to everything. You always win at every challenge you come against, and with all odds you never lose. Everyone looks up to you because you’re the best, and they always want to take you one. You skills are unmatched to any other. You never get hurt, you never get sick, and you never even have to cheat because you’re so lucky. Money comes your way like a vacuum; respect comes around your block. What's the worst that could happen is that someone tries to be like you because you’re great. Not because you have the power, the brains, or faith, it's just that you’re so damn lucky for everything in your life. You have outstanding Talents as well as Confidence and need no Determination. The only thing that stands in your way is that you wish not everything come to you by luck and you wish you won everything natural, that why you find yourself to despise the [Star of Charm].

    [Star of Charm]- You are attractive and bright. You life is like love all over again. All the Boys/Girls wants to know or be your date. You have the ability to make friends easily. No one in the world could hate you because you have so much respect for people. The way you talk to people always make you sound like a great leader, so many are willing to follow you. Your beauty of inner and outer personality is so astonishing that there is no way in the world anyone could be your enemy. Everything in the world comes to you naturally. When you meet people, you become friends real quick. When someone is having trouble they come to you because you know what to do and because they trust you. You have amazing Charisma as well as Trust. You are the only Star who is loved the most, but you find yourself to despise the [Star of Wisdom].

    [Star of Faith]- You are a believer. You believe in high spirit to guide you in life. Your faith leads you to do the right or wrong doings of your life. You can be the weakest person in the world, but as long as you have faith, you'll manage to see the day of light. You love to preach, at the same time teach others new things from your faith. You try to encourage people and give comfort and faith. You pray that you will live peacefully till death as long as you believe. You dream constantly wondering if it's the future you dream have and so you engage yourself to expect it to come under your faith. You have tremendous Dedication as well as Hope. You never seem to give us easily as you know there is a chance. You live life without although many cannot do that, and that why you despise those who is a [Star of Power].


    I hope that this might be interesting and hope you find something new about yourself. Enjoy!
    "I'm the best at what I do...."

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    Re: 7 Stars of Wonder

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    To quote the Forum Rules...
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    Alternate Horoscopes sounds like a good example for Journal material...

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