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Thread: ActiveX Firefox Pluugin

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    ActiveX Firefox Pluugin

    I'm running 1.3, the newest firefox. I wanted to play this korean game from yahoo and it said it needed activex. Well googled it, and found this: . I installed it then I kept on getting illegal shockwave player action messages. It is annoying and interuppts my broswer. So then I tried to go into Tools/Extensions/ and I couldn't find it. Then I went into /programfiles/firefox/plugins/ and found it there, but it is a .dll file. I'm afraid if i delete it, it may cause harm to my system. I was wondering if there was a way to remove it, besides making a fake /documentsandsettings/username/mozilla/plugins/ then placing it there. I don't use mozilla, but i don't know, is there another way?

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    You can just delete the npmozax.dll from the plugins directory (this is what the plugin's web pages say just above the download links) [EDIT] You can delete components/nsAxSecurityPolicy.js and defaults/pref/activex.js, too, if you want a complete uninstall - these are all in the FF's root folders, not in the d&settings profile [/EDIT]. If you didn't read that part it is possible you downloaded the wrong plugin version for your Firefox ^^ (I'm not mocking you, just sarcasm - nothing personal, nothing at all...).

    And by the way, Active-X is not recommended for usage on the internet through this plugin, since it is a security risk (like it is in IE). Gives a door for many trojans/spyware out there.
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