*wispers into mike w/ soft acustic music*

i don't know how to tell you this...
i don know the words to say...
how you changed my life
when i was nearing my worst
n i cant tell you how much you mean to me
just for being with me
just fo letting me hold u tight
when i needed sumone to be there
and when i realised how much you cared for me
i fell in love with you
n i cant get you out of my head

*add rock music to acustic*

everywhere i go no mater what i do i always think about you
the times we spent waching music videos at your house
and that time we sat on your couch
when i was holding you tight n u put ur arm aroun me
every moment im with you im in heaven
and when im apart my heart stays with you
it found a place to stay warm n loven n wanted
i never thought that would happen in my life
but you gave me the greatest gift
a moment of your time
and i feel like i owe you my life
cuz no one has shown me so much love
as you have

and when im with you holding on tight
i never want to let go
cuz im afraid that if i do
i'll never get to hold u again
and i never want to leave your side
you are my heart n on my mind
n soon i'll be at your side
holding on to you and trying to show how much i love you

i could never give you enough,
i want you to be happy
i want you to care for me n never stop
cuz i will never stop loving you.
you are my heart, and i dont want to ever hurt you
i just want you to be happy
i will do anything to make u happy
i want to be with you
n i want to hold you n never let you go
i love you n no matter what happens my heart stays with you.