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Thread: Affiliation advertisements section

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    Affiliation advertisements section

    You guys could put in an Affiliation and Advertisements section for us useres to post our forums and websites. It would give us less fortunate forum admins a chance to gain maybe a few members and definately increace animeonlines number of posting users.
    Everyone should go to [REMOVED] because it is brand new and I'm the admin and currently the only member. anyone who wants to be part of a brand new forum and probably have a chance at being a staff member should go there now. Please join and continue to post.

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    Re: Affiliation advertisements section

    ... no advertising ...
    this is a rule please referre to our rules...
    admins should know the first thing u do is read the rules.

    REmoving ur link, im not going to give u the huge ass warning this time since u do post here. Anime online doesn't give its members to other sites we love our members and want them to stay here

    Reason noone replyed to this is because we all LOVE AO!!
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