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Thread: after death

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    Arrow after death

    Everyone asks where are we going
    After death
    I think about this
    I dream about this
    I fret about this
    I wonder
    Is there a better place?
    Is there a worse place?
    We dream about a better place
    We think were going to go there
    We want a better place
    We never think if we are declined
    What will happen?
    Sometimes we are hungary
    Will we starve there?
    If we feel pain here
    How terrible will it be there?
    We meet mean people here
    Will there be worse demoms there?
    So were in the life right?
    Or is this the after life?
    Is this the end?
    Or is the end still to come?
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    It is true that no one trully knows what happens when we die.
    but just remember if there is an after life there can be no good without bad no love without hat and no crime without justice.


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