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I totally don't see how Suzuka can be classified as worse animation. Inconsistent, yes, but worse animation is definitely an exageration.

As for AMG, I find it to be kind of overhyped. I have read the manga and personally, I find the anime to be kind of disappointing. Sure, there's a second season which is said to be out in 2006, but that doesn't make up for the fact that the first 26 episodes were still disappointing.
Nope, the animation tends to jump between decent, bad, awful and burn me eyes. There are a few decent episodes somewhere in the middle, but especially every episode with running and more movement involved is awfully crappy, the horrendous character designs aside which make one believe they let kids draw the stuff. It has worse designs than the first half of Mahou Sensei Negima and that's not easy to top. ;)

funny example:

As for AMG, I was disappointed as well and found the ova to be much better, but it still belongs to the better stuff in that genre and I would recommend it every time over Suzuka. :)