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Thread: Am I The Only One?

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    Am I The Only One?

    Ever since I could remember a happy day they have been disappaering day by day.I mean every day I wake up its an insult to this stupid world.There are people who assosciate well with others they can adapt to any conversatoin that arrives in everyday life.Those people can be classified by humans as the in crowd.Then there are those who are suicidal and lonely the ones who can't stand it any more
    The ones who are so called "brave" to end there own life.Yet I am neither.I don't fit in anywhere,suicide is the biggest insult i could imagine and even if i was to go against my will to attempt it i would be to bigg a coward to go through with it(trust me i know through oservatoin.)There probaly is no point to this forum but if this was to hold a purpose it would be this.I don't feel as if i don't fit anywhere in class or out class.There is just no purpose or place in this world for me and if there is such thing as an afterlife iwe all probaly would know what catergory i would fall under.God has made me with so much wisdom, so much contradictoin,
    and so little purpose.I thought my purpose was to draw in life and bring imaginatoin back to the world of people but i learned two years ago that was just a cruel illusion meant to be shattered by an opposing rivalry and lost that i feel i will never recover from.Don't get me wrong there will always be people who are better than me,but the way i lost my people never stood a chance even though my soul tells me different.Now i feel the only reason why i draw is becuse of vengance as well as an attempt to escape this world of lies.The love for it is still there but it is dissappearing fast. I feel that if this world dissappears there will be know way out of this and i will be stuck without a purpose until the day my times up. I don't want any sympathy and i really don't care to here your feedbacks on my story.What i want to know is if i am the only one who feels the same way i do?So that I'd at least know i am not the only one stuck in between these boundaries till the day i die.

    (Before making your comments know this:no im not suicidal.I cant stand some one who has it better than i to end there lives if i am strong to deal with what i go through then those who always posses greater strenght are able to aswell .i beilieve love will never be for me.No i really dont have any friends and the ones that are close to me i consider asscociates because they probaly think i come off as an opponent or enemy if not now then eventually.I don't care to know why because as far as i know i am cool as possible beyond words.i like females they just don't care too much for me at least past the friend perspective for those im lucky enough to be friend.And no chance am i giving up drawing for know one i will do this until the day i die even if it means dieing poor.the only thing i want is to know that i don't stand alone in the way i feel.
    I don't know what soccerery dug you up."laughs Rick as he throws of his school uniform revealing his team outfit.His cheeks and forhead begin to glow and upon his face appears the markings of the lightforce."But when I am through with you your going to wish you stayed dead."

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    Re: Am I The Only One?

    Ehh... this sounds a bit like journal material, so I'm going to close this and advise you to create an AO journal if you haven't already and post it there.


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