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Thread: The Anime Bar & Hotel

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    Newbie Nicolai the Tigress may be famous one day Nicolai the Tigress may be famous one day
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    The Anime Bar & Hotel


    Anyway, this is mainly an RPing bar to hang out and unwind after a long, hard day of work and/or school(and school IS tiring!), and to just chat and hang out. You may do whatever you please as long as they DO apply to the rules. So please come on in and have a great time!


    1. NO FLAMING- Flaming will result in suspension of this room.
    2. NO SPAMMING- Spamming will result in suspension of this room.
    3. NO HARRASSING- Harrassing will result in suspension if you are bothering another person.
    4. HAVE FUN- Result in not having fun is a spray in the face with beer.
    5. NO DISRESPECTING THE STAFF- Direspectiing the staff will result in the punishment of the staff member. The staff member is like the moderator of the bar, and you will therefore be dealt with ruthlessly.

    Please abide by ALL of the rules, and that way everyone will like you!

    JOBS/STAFF(ranked from highest to lowest, but will be treated all the same) Note: All jobs are open(exept owner) and all are welcome to join the staff.

    Owner(two only, 1 back-up) Acts like the moderator of the bar/acts like the hostess. Always keeps the customer happy and always does his/her best to meet the customer's needs/standards.

    Co-Owner(two only)

    Bouncer(unlimited) You are responsible for noting to the Owner/Co-Owner about spammers/flamers and when you get permission, you ban them.

    Performer (6 tops in a group. can be more than 1 group) Your job is to perform for the audience and keep them entertained.

    Bartender(6 only) Your job is to meet the requests from the customers/staff and give them whatever type of liquid they desire.

    Waiter/Waitress(15) Your job is to serve the food that the customer orders. Not too complicating.

    Made-Up Jobs:
    hobo sitting slanted out side the bar , begging for cash (at 16): Draconix
    Job Application

    Age: (only if you want to)
    Why you want it:


    everything you want. I don't want to type it all because my fingers are getting tired of typing. I will update this in the future.


    KARAOKE NIGHT: Karaoke night happens every Friday in favor of the customers. We have a list of songs that are on the stage. Anyone can sing, there is no charge whatsoever. If you sign up for karaoke night the night before, you will be at the top of the list. If you are bold enough to sing for karaoke, you will get up to 6 drinks for free.

    MOVIE NIGHT: Every Tuesday and Thursday night there will be movie night. There will be no movie night tonight because the bar just opened. We all vote on a small list of movies we want to watch. Which ever movie is voted for the most, it will be played. The next two top voted movies will be played in seperate rooms for anyone who does not want to watch the movie of the night.

    GAME NIGHT: Every Saturday and Sunday is game night. Everyone brings in games from home and everyone gets to play. There are games you made up, board games, or acting games like charades. Any game is appropiate.

    SINGLES NIGHT: Singles night is every Monday when people who like to date online get together and talk and get to know each other. There aren't really ny rules.

    If anyone would like to send in an idea for a certain night, please fill in this form:

    What day(s):

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    Newbie Nicolai the Tigress may be famous one day Nicolai the Tigress may be famous one day
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    *picks up a soft cloth and begins to wipe down the counter*
    *examines the bottles of alcohol*
    *begins to dust off some of the bottles*
    *walks over to the karaoke set and examines everything, move something to the side every once in a while*
    sits down in a love sac and waits for people to show up*

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    M A S T E R Zui Quan may be famous one day Zui Quan may be famous one day Zui Quan's Avatar
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    Eh, no.

    There are many, many sites out there which have active RPG forums. The spam infestation known as Go-Gaia springs first to mind.

    AnimeOnline, on the other hand is NOT an RPG'ing forum.

    Therefore I'm closing the thread.
    Clan? What Clan?
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