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Thread: Anime cds trade for blank dvdr-/+

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    I have many anime cds that want to trade for blank dvdr-/+. Trade ratio will be (2 anime cds for 1 blank dvdr-/+). I want brand name for dvdr-/+ only; like Sony, Memorex, TDK, etc. I also need 1 extra blank dvdr-/+ for every 15 cds that i send to you since i will be pay more for the of shipping on my side. Post here if interested. offer only the USA please.

    I will update every other alphabet in my anime collection for blank trade when i have time. At the moment i only trade the anime alphabet A and B.
    They are avi, ogg, mkv files; no rm files on these cds.

    Anime list.
    AD Police 1-12 COMPLETE 4CDS
    Aim For The Best COMPLETE 1CD
    Air Masters 1-21 INCOMPLETE 7CDS
    AiYori Aoshi Enish 1-8 2CDS
    Akage No Anne 1-50 COMPLETE 13CDS
    Alien9 1-4 2CDS COMPLETE
    Amazing Nurse Nanako 1-6 3CDS COMPLETE
    Angel Sanctuary 1-3 1CD complete
    Angels Egg 1CD complete
    Angel Tail TV S2 1-7 2CDS INCOMPLETE
    Animation Runner Kuromi 1CD COMPLETE
    Arc The Lad 1-26 9CDS? COMPLETE~ [burn ep.26 to dvdr]
    Area88 1-12 3CDS COMPLETE
    Argento Soma 1-26 7cds COMPLETE
    Avenger 1-13 3cds COMPLETE
    Ayane High Kick 1cd COMPLETE
    Ayashi No Ceres 1-24 8cds? COMPLETE
    Ayatsuri Sakon 1-3 1cd INCOMPLETE
    Azumanga Daioh 1-26 8cds? COMPLETE

    Bastard 1-6 2cds COMPLETE
    Battle AngelAlita 1-2 1cd COMPLETE
    Battle Athletes OVA 1-6 COMPLETE
    Battle Athlete TV 1-24 9cd? COMPLETE~ [burn ep.22,23,25,26 to dvdr]
    Battle Programmer Shirase 2CDS COMPLETE
    Bubblegum Crisis 2032 (OVA) 1-8 4CDS COMPLETE
    Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 (TV) 1-26 8CDS? COMPLETE
    Blame Log ova 1-6 COMPLETE
    Blue Gender 1-26 9CDS? COMPLETE
    Blue Seed OVA2 1-3 1CD complete
    Blue Submarine NO.6 1-4 2cds complete
    Bottle Fairy 1-13 2cds complete
    Brain Powered 1-26 9cd? COMPLETE
    Burn Up Excess 1-13 4CDS COMPLETE~ [burn ep.13 to dvdr]

    All the cds were taken. "Closed"
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    Re: Anime cds trade for blank dvdr-/+

    ....odd...very odd...
    try to trade them... then got rid of them... im baffled >.<

    -Just another green eyed angel, distorted by mans love for hate-

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