Hello everyone. I know weird seeing me post agani :P. Anyhow. Anime Online is looking for Affiliates with some good anime sites. Now we want GOOD anime sites. by this I mean you must be running your own site on your own paid hosting.

What we are looking for.
  • Sites that are ether run on the 3 popular boards (Invision Board, vBulletin, phpBB) or if you have coded your own site and forum scripts thats fine
  • Must have a minimum of 100 users ACTIVE meaning you have to have all your members posting and getting the site going.
  • Gallery (Optional) Gallery must be full of high quality images, wallpapers, scans. and PNGs {if any are avilible)

Bad things we don't want
  • No free hosted forums, This gose for Invision Free, Forums and any other free webhost that puts adds on the fourm scripts.
  • NO HENTAI. This gose for the gallery as well. if you are in the list above
  • Must not have any hate stuff against religion, lesbians/gays/bis.

Things we will over look
  • you can use a premade portal system thats free such as Geekblog, MKPortal, IPBNuke, PhpBBNuke.

Sites that want to apply can PM myself or JadeRabbit. Sites that get approved will have to add one of the Anime Online buttons to their site. Failure to do so will result in a removal of your site off our affiliates.

Running Pirated boards

Just to let you all know . people running Invision Board 2.0 or higher. I know how to see if the boards are pitarted so you better think about it befor applying. vBulletin users if I think you are running a illegal copy I will report you to vBulletin. So before you apply you might want to switch to phpBB.

That is all

Lord Katsuhito