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Thread: Anime Online Cruelty!

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    Anime Online Cruelty!

    This is supposed to be a forum, where you can chat about anything! So when someone starts up a story topic it it immediately shut down. If people can't enjoy there time here, then why come!
    I joined because i thought i was going ot be able to meet people and chat obviously the rules were not layed out properly!

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    Re: Anime Online Cruelty!

    Wrong section but I'm not gonna bother moving because this is getting closed.

    If a thread was shut down there it was probably one of several reasons here are a few common ones:

    1) It's useless spam
    2) it's one of a million "What is your favorite BLAH" threads which inspire no discussion
    3) it's personal, and thus beelongs in your free journal provided to you
    4) it's offensive and/or inappropriate
    5) It's too off topic
    6) it's turned into a chat thread

    This is a forum NOT a chat room, you can chat all you want in the journals or on AIM/MSN/whatever messenger service you use. But keep the forums clean for facts discussions and appropriate opinions.

    If you don't like it here you're more than welcome to leave, these are the rules that have been set to maintain a friendly and safe forum. If this isn't what you want then go to one of many other anime boards.

    Finally maybe YOU should read the rules, they're laid out very properly and appropriately if you think something was done unjustly, you're welcome to PM any moderator or Administrator and air your grievances but 9.9 out of 10 times the thread has been closed for a just reason.

    As I said before, closing.


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