I am interested in trading anime for use in my dvd player, so I am not looking for any collections of avi's on cdr's and such. I would prefer to trade for things of higher quality video and not re-encoded from generic computer downloads. With that said I am pretty open as to what I would trade for. Ideally the person I trade with would be in the United States so as to simplify shipping.

What I have:

Cowboy Bebop(movie)
Excel Saga Discs 1,2,3 &5
FLCL 3 Discs
Full Metal Alchemist Disc 1
Gene Shaft Disc 2
Getbackers Discs 3-6
Ghost in the Shell SAC 7 Discs
Happy Tree Friends 2nd Serving
Happy Tree Friends 3rd Strike
Ichi the Killer:Episode Zero
King of Bandits Jing 4 Discs
Millennium Actress
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi complete.. I think
Noir 7 Discs
Blood: the Last Vampire
Lady Death

Also I think I have these laying around somewhere
Tenchi Muyo GXP Academy Life
Case Closed Secret Life of Jimmy Kudo
Case Closed Deadly Illusions
Yuyu Hackusho The Seven
Yuyu Hackusho Dark Indulgence
Someday's Dreamers Disc 1
Android Kikaider Disc 1
Kiddy Grade Lies Beneath Case Three
Beyblade Take your Best Shot
Casshan Robot Hunter

I am interested in just about any action/horror/sci-fi, although I am sure my tastes are not as refined as more devoted fans. On the plus side that means I watch a lot of dumb crap. For some reason I detest all things Gundam though. Don't get me wrong though, giant fighting robots are right up my alley.

Things I am looking for
Elfen Lied
3x3 eyes
Read or Die
Perfect Blue
S-cry-ed ... I think I already have disc 2
Outlaw star
Cowboy Bebop series
Grappler Baki
I'm sure there are plenty more, just show me a list and I am sure I would find plenty of things that would amuse me.