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Thread: Anime TV Series 4 Sale

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    Anime TV Series 4 Sale

    I have several anime TV series I would like to sell if anyone is interested. I will only list the ones I have complete. I have decided to sell the ones listed below due to the fact I don't think I will ever watch them again. Each series has been watched only once and the DVDs + cases are in very good to excellent conditon.

    Anime List: prices not including shipping

    1) BoogiePop Phantom (4 DVDs) -- $35
    2) Gasaraki (7 DVDs) -- $50
    3) Gundam Wing (11 DVDs) -- $70
    4) Neon Genesis Evangelion (8 DVDs) -- $55
    5) Robotech (14 DVDs) -- $60 b/c its an old series
    6) Ruroni Kenshin (16 DVDs -- stopped at end of 3rd arc) -- $100
    7) Serial Experiments Lain (4 DVDs) -- $35
    8) Blue Seed Box Set -- $35
    9) Record of Lodoss War Box Sets -- $75 for both or will sell each individually

    I would rather ppl in N.America purchase any of these TV series to cut down on cost of shipping and hassle of dealing with customs. Also, I prefer PayPal and shipping will be via USPS.

    I have references via eBay (JMyer78) & Heatware (Crea78). If anyone is interested in purchasing one or more of these anime TV series, please send me a PM.
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    Please read the trading rules:
    Trading Rules

    This section is for TRADING of anime only. This is NOT a place to advertise your private sales.
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