Anime Online guys-

As I haven't been on here in a while, I'll reintroduce myself- I'm Kirk, and I run a Video Games website along with some other projects. As it stands, we're getting pretty popular and pretty big, and I was looking around for some representation for my group. But, surprise surprise, there isn't really anything around here, sans Animazement, that really appeals to the Anime/Video Gamer in me, con wise.

So, I was simply wondering what any of you (Who are in the area, obviously) thought about doing a Video Game/Anime Con in Western North Carolina. The reason I consider this different is, being as my background is from a Video Games standpoint, it would primarily be Developer speeches and whatnot, depending on what I can grab. But, I cannot ignore the Anime influence in Video Gaming, and I definately think Anime Fans and Cosplayers would make this con better.

So what do you, the experienced masses, think about such a venture? Even if you aren't close to attend, I'm willing to take tips, hints, and guides to make this a better project- just give me some concepts of what works and what doesn't.