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Thread: anime you must have

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaderabbit
    AF??? WHAT???
    what is this?
    That's DragonBall APRIL FOOLS. A fan site posted a spoof serveral years ago, and the rumor has been in circulation ever since...

    the last DragonBall production that came out was a TV special that followed the end of DragonBall GT. Some people refer to this as a failed TV series, but it was never intended to be more then a single TV special...
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    Humm, being new and still not a classic, but being a pretty damn good anime nonetheless....I would have to say Fullmetal Alchemist. Sure, it's being marked both here and in Japan and even I think the Japanese are going a little too far with their derived products....but it's still the second anime series I will own on dvd. Here in Canada, anime dvds cost 50 $ each. I already own volume 1 and 2 and the series if 51 episodes long, but I'm getting it all anyway. It's an anime that has balance....When I think about it, it's a lot like Trigun in terms of story evolution. The first part of the story is light with comedy and some sadder moments. But the comedy dies down near the end and it gets much more serious. Nothing clashes and nothing takes a bigger place than the other elements.....So I think it's a series that's worth it if you get it on dvd.

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