On such a night of falling white snow
I wish you were there for me to let you know
That i will endlessly give my love to you
These feelings express how i feel about you, that they do
It is hard for me to let you go
What more can i express and show
That all my feelings are pure and true
I wish i could have another chance to come out of sorrow and blue
Please, all i ask is for another turn
I dont want my soul to continue to burn
I ask that you remove my sorrowful chains and cuff
For i believe that i have suffered long enough
My potential lies in my body and mind
Let me show how much u mean to me, be patient and be kind
My feelings lay within me, all enshrined
My feelings are worth more than heaven and earth combined
Give me time so that i may find
The perfect moment in space and time
To express to you and let you know
That i dont and cant ever let you go