interesting question and if anyone has time, check out a movie called The Corporation it may give you a new meaning or at least some understanding to what is going on.

However, what you are trying to say is not anti-globalism, anti-gloabalism is when somebody believes that American companies should not regard the world and other countries as trading partners nor places where the company should take its workers or business too,

What you are talking about is just the fight against companies and the corporation as a whole; Here's the thing, corporations have the legal standing to be called a person, basically by law, corporations are people, they have the rights just as any other person. Therefore, the corporations role should be to help its fellow man, however corporations nowadays believe that they must appease their shareholders who have invested time and money into that company and right so, I mean if you owned 40 percent of McDonalds, you would want them to make a profit that way your investment was correct. However, as a person, corporations should be focused on developing better relations with their human counterparts, which they do not do, and amazing many companies that we use everyday have actually poisoned us or tried to kill us at some time. But, companies should be trying to help its fellow man instead of always worrying about the bottom line.