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Thread: Anxiety, depression, and stress

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    Quote Originally Posted by mamimi_rue
    Well, I guess my question here is: Do you suffer from anxiety or depression ?

    I really would love some input, because of the way I've been feeling for the last month or two. Lately, all I can think about are negative and not-so-nice thoughts. I have also hung my head low, and also have had positive thoughts, but are usually shrouded by anxiety. Does anybody have useless thoughts like me, and offen feel almost sick from it ? I kinda feel alone, because I used to be energetic and peppy, and I'm almost metally unstable ....
    My thoughts are just about the world today, and death from just breathing the air. Somedays it's under complete control, and the last couple days, I've even had nervious breakdowns.

    Hmmm, maybe someone could tell me a method they use ? Or even how you have helped your friend(s), etc. Please, it's to the point of where it's shaking me quite a bit ...

    ^_^; thanks ~
    Heh, welcome to reality. No one can live thru life w/out being depressed in one part of their life. Even the mosts popular and richest ppl on earth go thru its only normal that we have negatives thoughts of the world. All u hear in the news is always or usually negatives things about who killed who, who robbed who, and so of course we're just gonna have negative thoughts.

    However, let me tell you one thing. I myself have been thru so much in my life, from a serious relationship to having nothing, from parents disliking my bf and threatening me, and so much more...I could say that I"ve pretty much been thru it all. There were times in those moments that I just wanted to dissappear, want to die, but one thing always stop me. The thoughts that perhaps today is like this, but tomorrow will be different becuz tomorrow is a different day, different story. U could either wake up in the morning and say..."Today Im gonna have a great day even if I have negative thoughts" or you could wake up and say... "Sh!t today is going to suck already I know it!" Then of course you're gonna be thinking of negative thoughts all day. Take a deep breath when you first open your eye to the new day and pray and talk to yourself that everything is going to be fine. The world is in a piece of sh!t and there isnt much u can do about it...other then live with it and hope for the best. Always have "hope" ^_^

    Anyways, another thing is, THINKING isnt gonna get you anywhere other then your own bedroom and the places you go. Its only going to make you think worse of the possibilities then it already is and really if you think about it, there really isnt a reason why you should be thinking of such. The mosts a single person can do is change their life for the better and hopefully everyone else comes along the ride. You cant change the world to be a better place, only you can change your life to be a better place for the world.

    Sorry that was a lot of jibberish, but heh, hopefully out of one of those paragraphs you got something. Remember being depressed and stressed out about something you DO have control over of can easily be undone...TAKE ACTIONS!
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    well I am stressed and I feel some anxiety, but thats normal with being in an engineering major in a high level college, man, Calc II and Inorganic Chemistry especially COLLEGE PHYSICS suck, also there is also the constant knowing that as you go through your college years, your classes will become harder and harder as you move into your actual degree, Thermal and Transport Properties of Materials anyone? But, hey I love engineering, you just have to relax, take a deep breath and completely destory the entire human race, *oops did I say that aloud*

    actually I love what I am doing, its just the stress and anxiety of my classes is constantly there, also if something does go wrong, it's ALWAYS the engineers who get blamed for it.

    what I do to relive stress is either, watch anime, yah!!!!!!!, Hang out with my dormmates, work out(it really does help), or I just watch some television, once I am calm, I go right back to work. Also, screaming helps, during finals week, every night at midnight everyone on campus comes to the fountain and we all scream as loud as we can cuz FINALS SUCK SO MUCH ASS
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