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Thread: Anyone know of good war games for PC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkun17
    The best one out so far is Call of Duty.

    It's another one of those "(Noun) (Preposition) (Noun)" games like Medal of Honor or Brothers in Arms. It's a really good FPS but after you finish the game it really isn't worth playing unless you do the multi-player. I haven't played Brothers in Arms yet but it's supposed to be a bit different because you get to command other soldiers while playing in FPS mode.

    I don't really like Medal of Honor much because it's too much, "world depends on your success" game. It's not just un-realistic, but un-probable.

    What I'd like to see them put out is a WWII game that's like Splinter Cell. I'd play that for hours.
    Ok not be be rude but:
    Those aren't RTS games although BiA is somewhere in between

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    Assuming this is still pertinent. There's a rather good and exceedingly intricate WWII RTS game called Blitzkrieg. There're also a few expansion packs for it out as well. I've also heard decent things about the new RTS form of Axis and Allies.

    Aside from that, my recall fails me. Barring all the popular titles, Blitzkrieg is the only thing my faltering memory can bring to bear.

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