ok this is a fan fic about AO's finest and somone
he loves its trule but i made a story from it

Everything i say in this letter
i say with meaningfull intent
leanna is a person that should really
be avoided when it comes to making friends.

To the admin and mods i say this
as i leave my last farewelll sinsitra
and fallen have had a few indiscretions
and he has used his power to bann
a few people becuase she asked him to.

she fears the guy pretty much and she want
say anything because she is using her ways
with him to get him to do certian crap.

like banning some people wth out even a warning
first right now things are fine with them becuase he
has her but in secret she and him are still together becuase
he will bann her if she leaves him yeah thats some repsect for
girls you have there .

so this is my finale drama the curtian is closed and the lights fade to
blakc as sinstra and angel of dispair live there morbid *happy little