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Thread: Asian Cinema

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    Re: Asian Cinema

    I have a small list of ones I own and ones I really want to see.


    - Versus
    - Battle Royale 1 & 2 (Number 2 is kind of crappy if you compare it to the first one)
    - Princess Blade
    - A Tale of Two Sisters (Majorly messed up, but ultimately very good)
    - Returner (Its like the Matrix meets independence Day)
    - Shaolin Soccer (Funny)
    - House of Flying Daggers
    - Hero
    - Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
    - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring
    - IQ Dudettes
    - Musa The Warrior
    - The Emperor and the Assassin
    - Infernal Affairs
    - Suicide Club (Seriously Messed up)
    - Zatoichi
    - Avalon (Which is not really Asian, but it was made by an Asian director, and I have no idea if the movie is any good since I have not been able to fully finish it, out of sheer boredom)
    - Ringu
    - Ju'on
    - Akira (BEST ANIME MOVIE EVAH!!!)

    Want to own/see

    - Kung Fu Hustle (This movie is soo good and funny!)
    - Dragon Head
    - Casshern
    - Ong-Bak The Thai Warrior
    - Nobody Knows (I think that is the title)
    - Bio Zombie (I hear it's a really funny zombie movie that is actually good)
    - Branded to Kill
    - Double Suicide
    - The Eye
    - Once Upon a Time in China
    - Japanese cut of Kill Bill
    - Ran
    - Yari no gonza
    - OH! Mikey (A japanese TV show that looks soo funny, it makes fun of foreigners who move to Japan)
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    Re: Asian Cinema

    It almost hadn't occured to me until I saw it listed on Meiwaku's list : Hero. That was a fabulous movie, unexpected twists and a close to perfect ending. Definitely worth seeing.

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