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Thread: Battlefield 2

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    Battlefield 2

    I'm not even gona ask who plays this WONDERFUL game, because I know alot of you probably do, but what I DO want to ask, is, what do you think of the difficulty, the gameplay, and the environment/graphics of the game?

    I thought it was pretty easy at first, but after my 1 day of playing, and getting promoted to Lance Corporal, it slowed down ALOT. I loved the trailers for the game, and the graphics aren't any different, I love the ragdoll physics hehe. The gameplay is pretty good in my opinion, but seeing as there are hacks, i guess it can go pretty low sometimes, not to mention when things do stuff they shouldn't( or maybe i'm just use to regular BF 1942). Like bullets going through buildings, anti-tank missles doing jack shit against tanks, lol. what ya guys think?

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    Re: Battlefield 2

    As this game is supposed to be played against other human players online, it's safe to say that the difficulty varies.

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