Dragor entered the great marble room. Torches lined the wall and appeared to create phantom dancers in the center of the floor. At the back of the room was a balcony illuminated in the moon light. The moon seemed to rest upon the think railing of the balcony. Yet a figure stood upon the balcony in the center of the moon. As he turned his eyes shown a dark red, but then slowly faded into darkness like the rest of the room.
"So you have come to kill me I take it?", said the dark figure with a cynical voice.
Unsheathing his katana Dragor answered, "No, I only mean to send you back to hell! You have taken my love from me, so even knowing that I could die this very day, it does not matter. For I do not wish to live alone in this world."
With a smirk the creature replied, "Aaawww, how touching. I must say it has been some time since a mortal has challanged me, so you'll have to excuse me if I fight a little unfair as I may forget how weak you really are." As these last few words slid from his mouth the demon had placed his hand over his chest signifying that he was about to undergo his transormation, to reveal his true body. As he did this however, Dragor knowing that his was the only time in which the creature was vulnerable, began to charge at his dark figure.
"I won't allow you to cause anymore suffering!", Dragor screamed as he collided with the demon sending both of them over the railing of the balcony. As they fell dragor raised his katana at teh ready to decapitate the foul beast. Seeing that the demon was surprised to see what had just happened Dragor boasted, "I told you that I have no reason to live anymore."
A wicked laugh came from deep within the demon. It hen reponded in a calm voice, "You poor fool, she still lives. I merely sent her into paralyzes. Now please send me back to my creator for my job is done here, and I wish to make my stay no longer on this sickening planet full of life."
Before Dragor could do anything the to figures reached the end of their decent, as well as the end of their lives.

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