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Thread: Beauty

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    Re: Beauty

    Quote Originally Posted by kastelic4444
    For true beauty comes for a balance of both.
    Beautifully put.

    I think that internal beauty is most important, but that doesn't mean external beauty isn't. Of course, external beauty doesn't mean wearing makeup all day everyday to be more beautiful, because I see too many girls who can't do it right who think "the more I wear, the more pretty I'll be", but in the end they just put so much on that they look like whores. I think that if you are comfortable with how you look, it shows, and adds to "the pretty", but there's nothing wrong with wearing a little concealer every now and then.

    Internal beauty is the most wonderful thing in the world though. You'll get farther and last longer in life with internal beauty.
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    Re: Beauty

    Come on guys this thread shouldnt have been revived.


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