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Thread: Bemani games

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    Bemani games

    This is basically a thread for Bemani fans to have discussions on their favorite games. If you don't know what Bemani games are they're a chain of music simulation games that are developed by Konami. The only ones that Konami really focuses on as of lately are: Dance Dance Revolution, Beatmania IIDX (DJ Simulation), Pop N' Music, Guitar Freaks and Drum Mania (Guitar and Drum simulation), and Karaoke Revolution. Other games in the line-up include: Dance Maniax, Keyboardmania (Keyboard Simulation), Para-Para Paradise, and Mambo-a-Go-Go.

    The only Bemani game that I play regularly is Dance Dance Revolution. It's much more accessible than mostly all of the other games (other than Karaoke Revolution). I've played some Beatmania and Pop N' Music but not very much. I've been playing DDR for close to 4 years now. I can do every 9 step and almost all of the 10s except for PSMO and a few others that I have yet to try (Paranoia Respect, Max. ect.). I own all of the PS1 and PS2 versions of DDR plus the Jap. version of Extreme.

    DDR is very accessible out here in the USA since the game is spread to many arcades around the county. Plus there are 6 games for the PS2/PS1 and 2 for the Xbox. Being able to play stuff like Beatmania IIDX and Pop N' Music isn't as easy since many arcades don't host those games. You would probably be better off buying a Jap. PS2 (or modding an American one) and importing the games.

    A pretty good site to import Bemani games is

    Not only do they feature mostly all of the Bemani games but the prices are pretty decent. This is the site where I got my jap. Extreme. They also feature contollers and such for the games.

    EDIT: I accidently made this thread in the wrong forum for some really odd reason. One of the mods can either move it into the appropriate forum or close this one.
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