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Thread: Beyblade

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    Talking Beyblade

    What is your opinion on beyblade?

    Before you bash me, or ask me “What the hell lolz that’s a baby show”

    Give the question some thought. When I first watched beyblade I thought it was retarded, then I gradually came to like it, and thought it was good. The anime is good, I’m more interested in the actual game, some people may say “All you do is pull the ripcord and watch it spin”, but that’s not the case. There’s lots of strategic play in beyblade, it all depends on your launch skill, and how good you are at customising. Beyblade may seem like a kid’s game, but it’s not, it’s because of Hasbro that many people think that it’s a kid’s game, TAKARA is the true manufacturer of beyblades. Ok, before you go to sleep, give this a thought. If you can, buy some and see how you like them! ;D

    If you are interested, you can ask more about beyblades in this topic, the Anime/Manga and the game

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    There is already an active thread on this topic.
    Beyblade Rocks!!!!

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